MSH1 and MSH2 differences?



Hi. Good to see some familiar names out here too from the RPF.

I don't have an MSH 2 yet but hope to get one soon. Any leads on that would be great!

What are the differences between the two helmets? Is it outlined out here anywhere?
Forgive the crappy pictures but I took some comparison shots a while back.




The MSH-2 is the unprimed white one.

Main differences off the top of my head:

MSH-2 has a higher dome, smaller dent, larger look over all. Cleaner more accurate key holes in the back. sharper visor area and cheek greeblie is molded in.
Probably one of the most well known differences between the two helmets is the amount of clean up work necessary. The MSH1 was very raw and required quite a bit of cleanup work. There was an obvious seam over the dome as well as a somewhat uneven surface on the dome. I cleaned up two MSH1 helmets myself and it took a trememndous amount of work. Don't misunderstand. The MSH1 is a great helmet. It just wasn't a "finished" helmet.

While I have never owend an MSH2 helmet :(, everything I have seen and heard shows that the seams and rough areas have been cleaned up. The helmet ships more or less "ready to paint" with very little clean up necessary.

Additionally, a number of structural changes were tweaked. Probably, the most apparent being the replacement of the keyslots with a more accurate keyslot design, very similar to the keyslots built by Rogue Studios.

Another apparent change was the size of the dent. The dent on the MSH1 was a bit too large. That has been corrected in the MSH2.

Unfortunately, I am not familiar with all of the other changes but perhaps Lynn TXP 0369 or fettpride could elaborate on those changes.
One other thing to note, while the MSH2 is still available, the MSH1 is no longer in production. The only way to get one is if someone sells their personal MSH1.
Oh yes, the cleanup work. Definately the biggest change. The MSH-2 still has a small seam but nothing some 300 grit sandpaper and two minutes of your time wouldn't fix.

Also, the ears on the MSH-2 fit a lot neater on the helmet than the ones on the MSH-1 do. The ear cap on the MSH-2 snaps on and is simply ingenious.

Don't get me wrong, I love both the helmets but the MSH-2 just perfected perfection.
Wow! Thanks for the comparison shots and all else. That pretty much fills it in. Never knew.

Its funny to see someone discuss another helmet with the degree of awareness I have over a Vader helmet. Lets me really know that my life is goin' just fine!

Still looking for an MSH2 kit but I can understand if people are busy right now. Just the way of things. I am busy myself.

And Art, got your message about that "standby" helmet. Should I get word back from that place it will be well taken care of.

I think maybe I'll bug that dude again tomorrow.
Aside from the other differenes already mentioned, a couple big ones.

The ears are totally different between the MSH and MSH2, the ears on the MSH2 are narrower and not as "fat"/thick as the MSH ears. The MSH ears are "just" a little taller.
The RF topper is also different on the MSH2 as well, it is more detailed and more aucurate then the MSH.

Interesting. I thought I had noticed something about the ears and am glad about the changes. That actually is the first thing that jumped out at me.

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