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I have a MSH, I have had it packed away for awhile, and when I got it out the other day to work on it, I discovered that the right ear is broken in 3 pieces, and the left ear pieces are kind of crumbly (is that a word?) Is there any way I can get a better set for my helmet? Or at least another set of the kind i have now, that arent in as bad of shape?

Thanks for any help you can give,


Someone over on the RPF is offering aluminum cast ones.
Might try those if nothing else.
I'd get the measurements from him to make sure.
Robert E.

secol FETT

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you can fix, with bondo or another epoxy material, fix, and then trim :)
try to do that, its fun and easy ;)


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An MSH with broken parts?

Can you please send me a pic of the parts, what colour are they?

Nathan :)


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Natty, this isnt anything you did, I got mine second hand, Im sure they were fine when they were originally made :)

I would just like a new set to use with my helmet. If anyone has a spare set laying around, let me know. If not, I will try to fix what I have.