MQ-1 with separate buttons.


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So, I just found my MQ-1 and decided to to what anybody would do with a working calculator. I took it apart and molded it. :) It should still work. My idea was to make it so that you could push down the buttons. Casting it is fun. Out of 23 buttons, only 3 came out.

What do you think? Good idea or bad idea?


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That a good idea Asok, I thought of doing something like that so I could wire them up for sounds on the Hyperdyne.
I would mold the under keys together and cast in laytex rubber. You could do the same in resin and allow the mod to be on one key for the servo or lights.
Would it make more sense to have just a couple of buttons cast separately so you can use them for your servo and other functions?
I added a new pic. Well casting the buttons is not fun. The resin just does not like the small hoes. Ever with powering the mold it I only get about 1/2 to come out right. Now the trimming starts, only 20 of them. Yep, I think I am nuts.
so how are you going to make the buttons pushable?

i took my mq-1 apart and actually mounted it all on my gauntlet, but the buttons don't go anywhere anymore.
That is a good question. I may not make them pushable. Just had not gotten that far.

i did try on mine... at first i was using the black rubber part that is under the buttons on the calculator, but that made it sit too far off the surface of the gauntlets.

i then thought about recessing it some how, but that seemed more work than it was worth :)
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