MQ-1 Casting 1st RUN CLOSED PM for shipping info


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** UPDATE 01/07/05 **

I've got 18 boards ready to ship and I need to make up a new mold for the remainder. The cast still is crisp but a few small areas of silicone have come off with a casting.
I'll update the paid/shipped list on Monday
ALSO, if you have made payment and don't see your name checked off here contact me, I still have a couple Paypals that didn't have TDH user names attached. If you sent payment by mail and your name is not checked off, well it hasn't arrived yet.

Thanks, MS

I have recieved a couple of payments without any TDH names. I have no idea who these might belong to. If you have sent a payment and think you forgot to include your TDH name just PM me. I don't want to post real names of people but I may have to just to get everything straight.

** UPDATE 12/12/04**
Well I've closed the first run at 23, the boards will be shipped out after January 1st on a first come first served basis. So those of you who have expressed your interest please PM me so that we can arrange the shipping.


Marrow Sun

First of all I'd like to thank Brak's for his discovery and allowing me the opportunity to offer castings of the MQ-1 PC board to the members here. If there is enough interest in these I will schedule a run for January. Below is an example of the board cast up in urethane resin. For those of you new to the Fett scene, BB has discovered this piece to be the exact PC board that can be seen in behind the keyhole slots of Boba's helmet. It is a nice piece to have for those seeking true accuracy.

O.K. I'm getting a bit of interest here so here are the names of those who have expressed interest in my first run. I will be cutting the list off at 20 pieces. As soon as I get the 20 I will arrange for payment and start production.

cal196 (1) <font color="#00FF00"> Shipped
Rednave (1) <font color="#00FF00"> Shipped
hansoloway (1) <font color="#00FF00"> Shipped
wizardofflight (1) <font color="#00FF00"> Shipped
slave1driver (2) <font color="#00FF00"> Shipped
BOUNTY HAUNTER (1) <font color="#00FF00"> Shipped
Lynn TXP 0369 (1) <font color="#00FF00"> Shipped
TK3130 (1) <font color="#00FF00"> Shipped
Gator Fett (1) <font color="#00FF00"> Shipped
Fosterkeri (1) <font color="#00FF00"> Shipped
bobasfett (2) <font color="#00FF00"> Shipped
Han Hunter (1) INTERESTED
DL44 Blaster (2) <font color="#00FF00"> Shipped
asok (1) <font color="#00FF00"> Shipped
carbonitekid (1) INTERESTED
Micke (2) <font color="#00FF00"> Shipped
Bantha_PooDoo (1) <font color="#00FF00"> Shipped
Nomadd (2) Shipped
Uber Fett (1) Shipped
TOTAL (23)

First Run is CLOSED


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Hey, that is pretty cool man (y) I'll need one for my fiberglass helmet soon so sign me up, how much are you asking for one?
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If I can get at least 20 people to commit to one, I'll do them for $10.00 SHIPPED within North America.
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I have one of these for my bucket and I can tall you that it is definately a quality casting! I highly recommend one if you don't already have one for your bucket already!
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I'm definately in. PM when you need the cash and my mailing address. Cool...I can finally finish my bucket!
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I'll start an official sign up list tomorrow. There seems to be enough intrest to do up a 1st run. I'll make the cut off 20. So anyone who's PM'd me or posted there interst on the thread I'll add your name.
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Forgot to say. I'm in the UK, is that a problem? If not, LMK the cost inc global priority shipping.


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