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I have been researching the various flash tubes and have come up with 4 different hole patterns, the MPP and 3 distinct Heiland variations. I have drafted templates for all 4 versions and have included a picture of each to verify the pattern’s origin.

I have reviewed various threads and there still seems to be a debate over which is the correct flash tube, the MPP or the Heiland. Well after go through numerous pics of the various tubes I can understand why.

To my eye the tube on Boba’s ESB blaster looks to have oval holes, but it could be a trick of the light. The question is which tube was used? Anybody have any clear shots of the tube that they can point me to?

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From the replys I have gotten the MPP has gotten the vote as the one used on the BF ESB Blaster.

I'll put together and post a printable template for those interested.

Here is my best ‘guess’ at the MPP hole pattern. It is set up to print out on standard 8 1/2” X 11” paper with a ¼” boarder, print using the ‘fit to page’ option, depending on your printer you may have to play with it a bit.


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