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Hey all, I also posted this thread in the jango forum, but it applies to boba also. I am looking for the best helmet under or around 100$...either boba or jango would do fine (looking for jango, but could alter). Any info would be great. Thanks
Finding a quality cheap bucket is quite difficult... But I do see some Australian buckets on ebay that are around $100 for a fully painted bucket. My GML bought one, it's pretty cool, but the paintjob isn't quite canon, you could just redo it yourself.
what would you guys consider the cheapest helmet you could get at the best quality? What range would most likey have to spend to get a solid helmet?
pennywise said:
$200 unpainted
If that price shocks you, this might not be the best hobby for you, but you don't always need the best! I've seen some beautiful work come out of a $50 vinyl helmet. I'd say start small, and then build up as you progress.
Don Post 95/96 most easy to find, and the cheapest, also you can make them look super good. They sell all the time for under 100
Though the Don Posts and Rubies are cheaper, the accuracy is off. Couple that together with the difficulty of working with a vinyl bucket versus may want to save your money and get a M_S, JD, or BKBT from someone here.
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