More Fett info needed for!


My site was mentioned in the "Helmet abbrev & comp" thread (ukonline/bingo275....)

Its a resource dedicated to the very best in sw helmets (although for completeness i've also info on the not-so-best out there like the Rubies), and the site now has the rather snappy name

I have to say that my site is a bit weak on the Fett side, so if anyone's got any info then I'd love to add it such that its as informative as hopefully the Vader and Stormtrooper sections are.

As a start I'd like to add some of the info and pics from the aforemantioned thread, such as the different helmets available if thats ok with the mods and everyone


Nice job. I like the armor reviews.

::edit:: Just saw a couple of things you may want to update in the "real props" section:


This isn't a RotJ publicity shot, but a picture of the Pre-Production suit (never used in any of the films). Note the yellow left gauntlet.


While this pics is a post-RotJ picture, it would be better titled "Star Wars Special Edition Fett" as this is where the ESB helmet and RotJ armor were combined. I have yet to figure out what the deal is with the scope on this particular blaster.
Great Site! Very very informative. Here's something I noticed on the Real Prop's part.


Someone correct me if I'm mistaken, but the "ROTJ from Lucas Archives" is incorrect. Isn't that a stunt ESB helmet or something?
Yes, we've pretty much consider that helmet to be an ESB "Stunt." Though we don't have any official confirmation that it is a "stunt," the details and look of the helmet make the "stunt" guess pretty reasonable.

As far as the RF stalk goes, it does seem to be part of the stalk that has broken off. I've looked at the tour pics of the Jedi and ESB helmet, and I just can't see a seam in approximately the same place as on the stunt stalk. In fact, the stunt stalk doesn't appear to be metal at all.

Blastech wrote:

Oops! Sorry JC. Guess I should read around a little before I post!

Hey, no apology necessary man. I just wanted to make it look like I was paying attention is all. :lol:

As for the origins of the helmet, all signs indicate a stunt helmet...I just can't think of a single instance in ESB that would have required a stunt helmet.

Just a quick update to say THANKS to everyone who's supplied me with info.

I've updated my site over the week-end to reflect the information and photo's sent. Along with all the new Boba/Jango information I've also done a big update to my Stormtrooper section.

lmk if there's any mistakes, hopefully not too many!

Thanks to all especially FettPride, Well Paid Killer, Blastec and Lynn.


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