Modifying a Rubies bucket


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HELP!!! I just received my Rubies Boba Fett mask and it needs some serious work to make it look more like the real thing and less like a cheap knock-off. Anyone with experience doing these mods willing to share their knowledge?

I did one.. im still working on it actually, It took alot of heat, bondo, sanding and resanding.... and its still not up to what id like but I dont think i can do anymore.
IT looks good in a trash can :lol: but seriously, just get a hairdrier and heat it up to bend the warps out and flare the bottom out.

Since the helmet dome is to round it kinda forms a bubble you will need to bondo around the side to get rid of that. Chance the rangefinder, and earcaps with resin ones. coat the inside with some sort of fiberglass or resin so it wont warp agian, instal a weilding shield spend 10 months painting it with 90000 reference photo's

Discouraged yet? :lol:
Discouraged yet? :lol:

Heck no! I love a challenge. I had already started to sculpt my own Fett head about a week before I got the Rubies. I've got the the two halves and the left ear done and cast and the right ear is ready to cast. This one I'm going to glass.

As far as the Rubies, I found a good size piece of foam padding that I just shoved right up in there. It is really helping to keep the right shape.

Maybe I'll give it to my son to go along with his Baby Fett get-up! :lol:
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