Modified JP, ready to paint


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I have now finished modifying my jet pack to match the AOSW version. A big thanks to Brak's for the pics he posted a short while ago, these really helped with the detailing. Here's what I've done:

PIC 1: I have deepened the recess on the underside then fitted, painted and weathered the three buttons/plugs.

PIC 2: The plug and small switch are added to the underside.

PIC 3: Aluminium hooks are made and screwed to the body and a smaller door is built that has four locking screws.

PIC 4: The small mole is sculpted and added.

PIC 5: The rocket is altered to match the screen used one.

I still need to make two more aluminium hooks that will be attached to the bottom of the pack, these hold the scuba belt in position, these can be seen on the screen used shots from Brak's.








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DAZ my friend! What a beauty this jet pack!!! Man!!! Awesome!!! :wacko

By the way... the helmet you are making for me at the moment... could we just exchange... you keep the helmet and send me this amazing jet pack instead????!!! :lol:

Bobamaker (y) ;)


Active Hunter just keep on raising your own bar(y) I just might have to get one of these...put it into a case and hang it on the wall;)

PM sent!



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Apparently Fett occasionally had to plug a microphone into his jet pack, presumably for karaoke night at the bounty hunters guild.

Anyway, cripes...that is one beautiful jet pack!(y)


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This is just a 'one off' at the moment I'm afraid. I could alter my master sculpt to achieve this new shape (bottom and door) then make moulds of this together with the greeblies. This is indeed a possibility but I will need to finish my Boba (Version 3) first before I even consider this.


will these be up for sale once your done?