Model making and prob building books????


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Can anyone tell me the best books on Model making and prop building? could be diaramas and model ship making.

THanks guys

Well, are you looking for tips/techniques? Or reference for specific models you want to build?
There are lots of books out there on build techniques, and lots of websites too. If you build sci-fi/fantasy subjects, is one of the best sites on the web. Tons of information.
Yeah I was looking for more of, Techniques and tools and materials to build say,,, a hanger bay and a fleet of starships or something like that.
The Prop Builder's Molding and Casting Handbook, by Thurston James.

Great book. Discussing molding and casting in all kinds of media---plaster, gypsum cement, resins, papier mache, silicone, urethanes, etc. Even has plans for a very serious vacuum former. (Check out for more on that.)
The Thurston James book is excellent- I bought it many years ago and I constantly reference it. Everyone should have a copy.

One book that I have is Plastics For Modellers by Alex Weiss. It's a great resource- it shows all types of plastics and what each type is used for, types of cement and glues, molding, casting, etc. Another book is Professional Modelmaking by Norman Trudeau. It's geared more toward designers and architects but it's still a good book.

There was a whole series of books published by Finescale Modeler on dioramas, scratchbuilding, etc. that are very good. Osprey Publishing did a Masterclass series of books that is also excellent.
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