MMM's Aluminum Backplate

Megalomaniac Mando

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Here it is. I haven't done any weathering yet. Got the collar done as well.

Hope someone can appreciate my homage to one of my favorite baseball teams :lol:.




hmmmm well ya did a good job... but thats some strange writing. I am thinking like Chicago something but thats some weird aurabesh :D


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I'm just going by digits, but is it the cardinals?

Are you going to leave it on there? I like it :) Maybe draw some weird symbol in the center of the lettering.


Megalomaniac Mando

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Sorry if it's unclear, guys. It says "CHICO'S BAILBONDS", in honor of the Bad News Bears. You Bobas have it made with an employer like the rich Jabba, but us independent working-stiffs gotta get our contracts where we can.

Megalomaniac Mando

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Thanks, really, for all the replies, Fett-heads. I guess if I'm going to be different, then I'm going to be ALOT different :lol:.

Fabrizio; I will be making a jet pack, but much much later. ...And most likely NOT from aluminum :D.


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MMM - I haven't been around a whole lot lately, and have missed much in recent weeks, including your progress pics. I wanted to applaud you on your works man !

I think you're doing an outstanding custom job ! Are you going to make gauntlets out of aluminum too?

You metal working guys have some serious ball bearings :D (pun intended)

I would have cut off a freaking finger, arm, or maybe even an ear by now :lol:

Great work, keep 'em coming.



Nice work, MMM! Gonna do anymore advertising on your armor? Gotta pays those bills when the bounties are few and far between! :lol: