Full Aluminum Armor Tutorial. (with videos)


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First of all I would like to thank Wizardofflight for the templates he designed I took those templates stretched them a bit in areas and converted them into a DFX file to get water jet cut. So those of you who want to make there own armor can subscribe to the channel below I will release several videos discussing the making of the armor as well answer questions here. I know the setup i'm using is kinda risky balancing on a bucket but that was the only way I could record so you can get a good view of things. I will also post the raw file here if you would like to get the plates cut at your own shop or a shop near you.

Youtube channel

first of all the template can be water jet cut here. The recommended thickness I use is .1875 5052 aluminum.


So what will the armor look like when done?

here is an example I have done of the front peices


does the armor meet the thickness required?


Is it all the pieces even the back plate?

backplate large.JPG

What about the knees?

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