MMM's added more pics and stuff to his armor links ...

Megalomaniac Mando

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Here's what yellow frontal armor looks like :lol:. I will paint my green over a couple coats of this stuff. The light makes it look a bit brighter than it is. Sorry for the cruddy pic.
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Anybody ever tell you you'd make a great dwarf?

Nice chest;)
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Yeah, I seem to recall hearing some gurgling sounds through the shattered teeth and blood that sounded something like that. :)

Thanks. ;)
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Don't put that pot helmet on your head then, it'd totally complete the dwarf look.

Looks good, are you going to do all the armor like this, layering then scraping away? If so are you doing silver next or is it beneath the yellow?

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The armor itself is hammered aluminum. It should all beat-up pretty well according to my tests and calcs. The green is applied now.

I still hadn't nailed down exactly what color I wanted for this custom Mandalore, except that it would be "greenish"(my favorite color anyway). It happened just like those scenes of two people at opposite ends of a field of flowers running and leaping towards each other while music is playing; .......Oh-ho, sweet mystery of life at last I've found you....AND THERE IT WAS! John Deere touch-up paint! WooHoo! This stuff is freaking GREEN! I look like a tractor(ok, more like a bald lawn mower). It'll weather nicely with overshades etc.
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Hey, thanks, guys! 'Preciate the feedback. I'm satisfied with this first try. I really am dreading the backplate, though :lol: .

I've already started on my all metal helmet. :)
:ekk i made my armor in the same way :D but mine is not to rounded :facepalm for my next i try to make more curvated ... yup :D

MMM...Superfreakinfantastic! W:eek:W.....and at that fast pace too! If ever you start building a Slave 1,...I'm riding shotgun!:D
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