mlc or bm jp?

Dha Syntir

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I've never really seen any of MLC's work but I can say tha Bobamakers stuff is of the highest quality, but both places will likely take weeks to make due to their zillion orders a week they need to fill, so be patient...


NikNak aka

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The MLC pack is a bit cheaper cost wise but quality is comparable. As far as I know (i could be wrong) but I think both kits are more or less ready to be painted out of the box. I know for a fact Bobamakers kit is but the mlc one might need a small amount of touching up.


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...i got a ruffkin toy :jet pack 2 years ago. well its not fiberglassed but very lightly. and im very satisfied with it.
i saw BM making of, its an awesome work (y) . i think the weight may be not as lightly as ruffkins :jet pack be.


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The MLC comes ready for paint as well. I've painted a few of those & they are awesome
I haven't seen a BM JP (yet;) ), so I can't say


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can't go wrong with an MLC, but if you want to save just a little more money, Ruffkin has a great jet pack as well

Yeah, I have a Ruffkin jet pack and it's very light(vacuum formed with fiberglass and resin parts) and for the price you can't go wrong.(y) I have MLC armor and I love it, so I could only imagine how nice the jet pack is.:D I think really it's a matter of how much you want to spend and where you live. BM's stuff is also without a doubt some of the best out there!(y)

Jimmy BufFETT

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Ya gotta tough question right there! All propmakers' :jet packs discuessed here are top quality. I've currently got an MLC1, and I have a new BM :jet pack for my scheduled to arrive shortly. I will say the MLC1 is VERY lightweight just from having trooped it it.
Thats why i love the "tdh" greatest forum!!! quick, honest and positive responses..just like to say all of you have done quality bh's and i can only hope my jango turns out half as good as some i've seen here...:cheers

andy...........soon to be

thanx again to bkbt...awsome job!!!


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I just received a MLC v.2 and it's a great pack with good detail, and light weight. You really can't go wrong with any of the makers discussed in this thread. All of their products are top notch!



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I got an email today saying that My new MLC2 is on it's way.
I'll post pics of it in the gallery ( already have 2 in there) when I'm done


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Ive got my major BM order coming up :D soo looking forward to it.

Id go BM, but its personal preference... he has been nothing but helpful with me :)


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The MLC is a nice JP... but there is no doubt that the BM is more accurate. Sharper edges, really awesome. I owe one, and all I can say is that is the best JP I've ever seen... more expensive, yes, but from my point of view, simply better.