Jango Blasters of Unknown Origin


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Hey there my people,
A friend of mine has had a pair of blasters sitting around his shop for a couple of years he got as part of a trade. They are pretty impressive. All metal build and seem identical in size but sturdier than my master replicas. He was wondering if anyone can identify the maker and what these might go for if he wanted to sell them. Any info would be greatly appreciated.







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I've only ever seen one pair of metal Westars made BEFORE MR produced their own set, but those look a bit different from what I recall. This actually looks like the main body/barrel is derrived from the MR designs, but I see the slight difference in the muzzle's shape. The grips, on the other hand, look a bit rough.

He doesn't remember who he traded with for these? They're not bad, especially if you're planning to troop with them. Just needs a little weathering.
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