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Last 99cent Ammo Belt Run

OK guys this will be the last chance to pick up a leather ammo belt at under $100 bucks. After Halloween I will have them available on my website for $100. I got just enough leather to make one more run. Heres the changes (cost of leather and supplies has increased in my stores catalog for the new year, chinese lady who does stitching moved so new lady charges me double of what I was paying.) Belts will increase by $5 dollars. So total cost will run at $80.00 shipped with UPS. Thanks guys and happy halloween.

IMPORTANT NOTE * If you are tring to get a belt before halloween I can get it to you but payments must be in by the 23rd, and it will run $85.00 for 2 day air saver with UPS.

1. Zombierepellent - - 38" - Paid (Shipped) (1Z X90 A69 0340617406)
2. Ivansith1 - ROTJ - 38" - Shipped
3. Jc524 - - - - Paid - Shipped
4. Cylrul Pbz - ESB - 38" - Shipped






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Hey Mr. Taco, glad to see it's back. I was wondering where this and a couple other threads went. Well, here's a picture of my belt from the Taco man.

Yes it is on the way let me know how it turns out for you. BTW thank you TxFett for allowing me to come into your home to see your armor by BM. I have to say I hope I can do as good of a paint job as you did.
I'll have to see where I'm at after this run. But I will try i HAVE UPDATED PICS OF THE BELTS, SO YOU CAN GET A CLEAR LOOK AT THEM.
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Mr. Taco you've done such a great job on these belts. Please do a run of Jango belts, please.(y)


Well as I was waitting for glue to dry on some belts while I have been watching discovery channel all day, I decieded to grab a piece of scrap letter and just try out a pouch, close but I would need to work on it some more. I used magnet instead of velcro.


It shipped, it shipped!!! Was not expcting it for a while longer. I am so excited...I can't wait!! Ok, running outside to stand by the mailbox for the next couple of days!
Thanks Taco!
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