Metal Boba fett Armour?? Anyone make the stuff??

boba matt

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Hey all,

Just wondering if anyone makes Boba fett metal armour? i have an awsome helmet, but someone took my cash and ran with the rest of teh suit they were making me. So i figured that the next one should be metal, and it would give it a more unique sound when i clobber people with the gauntlets. Who said that??? just kidding guys.Anyway, if anyone knows where i can start, that would be a great help.

Oh and details on someone who paints really well would be good too. i have the painter's version of a green thumb, the dreaded smudgy brush syndrome.:facepalm:facepalm:facepalm
well you could go for an aluminium set... cheap and cutable, but it wont look that good, since its so thin. my cod and backplate pieces are from aluminium, but im far from satisfied with em...
I made a metal set, but of course, I was new to the whole costume making thing and thought that was the way to go. It sounds like a good idea, but it's heavy and uncomfortable. You can make a set, but I would suggest aluminum. It may take some work seeing that the armor isn't just a flat shape, but had compound curves. You may think plastic is a bit cheap and flimsy, but that's what was used on the original, and much more forgiving to work with
CHeck out my armor in the thread below. Its all aluminum. It is thicker and heavier that anything else. However anyone whose has come near it has been astonished that its actually metal armor. It is a real pain to figure out how to attach it to the vest without destroying the vest. But i made it work. Check out the pics and PM me if you want for info in the guy i bought it from, dont know if he still makes it or not

Check out my armor in this thread

I have aluminum armor from Durasteel. The armor is nice but I would stear clear of that guy. He's a bad dealer.
i looked at the metal jango suit, and i cant say im not impressed. But does anyone have pics of a boba metal suit? i am kinda interested in that, but the dominating opinion is that i stick to a heavy industrial plastic of some sort, becuase it will be easier to work with. If i stuck to the plastic, is there a metallic paint i can use to make it look metal? or is fiberglass a better base for tha ttype of paint? thanks for your patience with the neube guys,lol
You would think that the metal finish underneath needes to be really metalic looking to make it look that much more authentic... but it doesn't. I'm not exactly sure what method Rouge Studios uses on his paint jobs, but they are TOP NOTCH and are comperable to the original in every detail. Basically you can use a metalic spray from a can, it can tarnish and dull over time, but so does the real stuff. A sealer can be used to coat the paint job, but make sure the clear sealer isn't solvent based because it can ruin the silver undercoat..
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