me again


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hi,its me again with my second post,wow!!!

as i live in the uk who does good armour over here?i thank you all for your help.going to watch most haunted live now.bye

Hi ,

i am in the UK as well (Scotland), and i too am building a Boba fett and i noticed that you already have the BM web site he does Fibre Glass Armour and it's good quality, as alot of people here will say i wouldn't hessitate in recommending him.

If you need help the folks here are the very best in building a Boba Fett costume, i am also part of the UK Garrison so if you ever want to Join i would be more than happy to help you, but first things first get that costume sorted :cheers ;)



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welcome and all i can say is bobamaker!!!!!!!!!!!!

he is the one stop shop for all you boba needs.

If you are on more of a budget, you could try beetlefix from our favorite auction site, he normally has stuff on there but give him a week or so as he has just become a dad again, its not as accurate as bobamaker but it nice quality and a great place to start.