MaTTster27\'s Jaster Mereel Guantlets!

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MaTTster27's Jaster Mereel Guantlets!

Here's some progress pics of MaTTster27's Jaster gauntlets (left only so far)!

-Fiberglass GA Gauntlets
-Paint Job by FettsBounty(me)
-Paint Colors are
<LI>Dulpi-Color Gun Metal(gaunt main body)
<LI>Krylon Burgundy Satin(rocket tip)
<LI>Semi Gloss Black(rocket body)
<LI>Color Place Sterling Silver(gaunt body weathering)
<LI>Silver Acrylic(Rocket weathering)

All of the weatheirng on the Rocket body is hand painted.

Now the pics!



I would just like to say Thanks to Austin, what'a good guy he is. Very excellent job on the Gaunt as well! Take it easy
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Looks awesome FB and Mattster. I've been looking forward to seeing a Jaster costume for sometime now. Don't disappoint us! ;)
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looks great can't wait to see the rest of the costume :)
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Absolutely love the weathering on the main gauntlet body! Is that topically applied, or was masking used? Looks great!
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