I am a 13 year old noob thinking of working on a scratch built helmet but I need to know what to make it out of. I heard people of making them out of metal but what gage should I use:confused .
Don't use metal. Unless you're a skilled metal worker, it ends up being very messy, and usually heavy. Most make scratchbuilds out of cardboard or thin ABS plastic. Run a search and you'll find some helpful threads.
I'm only 17, and I did mine out of those cardboard gift boxes and a cereal box. For the dome, I used a metal bowl; had a lot of finish work with spackling paste that left the top with lots of little nicks and dents, but for a first try, I don't think it's too bad.

Just be REALLY careful with a hot glue gun, and be ready to put a lot of time into the helmet. :)
Hi, if you are gonna try a helmet, I say go with the carboard to practice, and then, try to do it in something more durable, like sintra...
I have made one in PVC... and it was not much dificult...using the WOF templates, of course...

good luck!

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