material thickness???


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I have never made anything out of plastic type stuff before. So I'm pretty stuck on what to use. I am a leatherworker, so I am stumped.:facepalm
I have acess to discarded signs from a sign shop, but I don't know what it's made of or what adhesive to use (other than duct-tape).

How thick should the styrene/plastic/sintra/cardboard/duct-tape/aluminum/resin/fiberglass/tanned ewok skins/etc. be for the different areas of the helmet?

does it matter?:confused

help a noob!
I'm using 3-4mm Sintra (scrounged from a sign shop) and its pretty hard to work with, but I like the thicker look it gives helmet, plus it allows for more shaping and detail. But that also means I've got a lot of sanding in my future. :)

As far as material/adhesives. Just make sure the pieces you scrounge aren't corrugated plastic (it looks just like corrugated cardboard, only plastic, i.e. holes running all the way through the material on one end.). Everything else from a sign shop should be usable and will probably be sintra.

Superglue works well for spot tacking. Pipe cement works, but only on large flat surfaces. You'll also need two part epoxy (just buy it at Target or Walmart in the giant double syringe looking thing) to fill in gaps if you go with thick material like me.

Lastly of course, you will need Bondo. Good luck. :)
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