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Originally posted by mcabrera1275:


I was able to track my order through, and since he only lives about 35-45mins away from me, I knew I would receive them today. These boots were well worth the wait!! They came in a shoe box and were packed very well. I want to post pics for those who are curious how they are and didn't order. Although, my arm is broken, I will take the time out to take a few pics of these fabulous boots and will post one of my reviews.


p.s. Sorry Mark, for being so impatient. You're the best!!

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Originally posted by Jaster:

just got mine too!!! they are very very nice, i love em. I'm so glad i could get a pair, and now i'm glad i did... i dunno what i would do with out Fett boot's. Well these are the first piece to my Fett suit that i have sofar....... i didn't even think they would fit i wear a size 14US nike and these are 13's cuz thats the largest he makes em...they fit good, cept they are just a little tight on the sides. thx alot mark
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Originally posted by Lynn TXP 0369:

I got mine today!! AWSOME!!! :)
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Originally posted by TK0000:

Yeah baby!
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I also have Mark's boots, they are great. I got them from ebay and they are stamped size 11. My feet are size 10, there is a little extra toe room, but they fit me very nicly and are quite comfy. Any ideas on distessing the boots, besids a ten mile hike in the desert?
Much thanks.
I love mine. I've yet to weather them or my flight suit until I get my copy of the REFERENCE CD which should be arriving tomorrow. Thanks again MaxPlague!
If you want to weather your boots without using actual dirt and horse poop, just get some fabric dye and spray it on with a spray bottle (some fabric dyes come in a spray bottle too).

Just lightly dust it here and there, but don't oversaturate. In fact, you should probably dilute the dye with water so that whatever colors you use don't get too dark.

Most dyes need to be rinsed or set with an iron, I wouldn't recommend this on the shoes...just let it dry and be done with it.

The same thing can be done with acrylic paints and a spray bottle.

Or, makeup...yes, makeup believe it or not. Use the powdered stuff, smear it, dust it, whatever.

Or, use Woodland Scenics Earthtone coloring kit. I think you can get this stuff at a hobby shop. Check this link for an example of how it can be used:

While this won't actually distress the fabric of the shoes (that can be done with actual wear or sandpaper), it will dirty them up.
If you use a powder like makeup or the wood land scenic stuff make sure to mist a light coat of dullcoat on the boots to seal the stuff in.
I'm not sure if they're still available for order. He does auction them at times on ebay (thedisturbance). I was fortunate enough to pick up a pair last week for $100! sweet!

It's taking awhile, but I'm praying it's just an oversight, that the payment was overlooked or something. He's checking on the status for me.

He's practically THE footwear supplier for the 501st. I own a pair of his trooper boots and they're wonderful. Very comfortable and even after being painted/dirtied they hold together perfectly.

Originally posted by mcabrera1275:

As many of you know, these bounty hunter boots took a while to arrive; however, they were well worth the wait. I would first like to say that "The Disturbance" is a very professional individual and always returned my emails except when he was undoubetedly busy getting these orders out to us.


The bounty hunter boots are made of durable canvas. The stitchings are straight and are tightly sewn. There is no loose threading at all. The separated black lines seem to be made of a synthetic leather material. Each of these are well made. The sole of the boot is durably attached to the rest of the shoe. When I wore the boots, I noticed immediately that these will hold up very well against the traversing of prop-show traveling. The boots seemed to look a little thin though, although I know they will look wider once I am able to break them in.


I especially enjoy the toe-spikes detailing. They are die-cast metal and are indeed pointy and somewhat sharp. Be very careful if you have dogs or cats in your household. The overall weight of the boot is very light. The sole is very lightweight along with all of the canvas. These are even lighter than Chuck Taylor Converses.

There is one thing I am wondering about though. I ordered size 9; however, I noticed my pair looks long enough to accomodate a size 10 or 11 foot. I had a friend who wears a size 10-11 try the boots on, and he fit them easily. The boots are labeled 9 in the insides, but I was wondering if they were made like that on purpose to accomodate toe room/space? Can "The Disturbance" please verify if this is so? Perhaps I did receive a larger pair accidentally labeled as "9"?

Originally posted by Jaster:

i agree mcabrera1275, these are very nice Fett you said the stitching is very tight, and there isn't one loose or bad stitch! they are very professionaly made. Also i agree on the length of the boots, they are a little longer (thank god cause i wear a size 14 and these i got are 13 and they fit good, besides the tiny bit of tightness on the sides) anyway io am very happy woth them. Thx The Disturbance :)
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When I weathered my boots I used a ebony artist pencil and grinded it up on sandpaper (stump and lead all togather). Then brush the dust on to the desired color and style. After that you might want to spay a mist of water on them to kind of seal the lead in so to speak.

wow those look great.if theres one thing i KNOW i will have a tough time with it will be the when the time comes i might have to shell out the trying to keep my costume reasonably priced so im trying to fab everything i can....but those boots are simply amazing!!!

how much do they run for???
Well I am a little pissed right now, I ordered them 3 weeks ago, the payment has been sent and I haven't gotten them yet. Mark's communication is SLOW too, I get an e-mail maybe every 3 days or so. They better be here by Saturday.
bfett81 wrote:Well I am a little pissed right now, I ordered them 3 weeks ago, the payment has been sent and I haven't gotten them yet. Mark's communication is SLOW too, I get an e-mail maybe every 3 days or so. They better be here by Saturday.

I don't know if you know this but with that type of attude you will get no where real fast in the replica world. This is not a 7-11 where you get things insantly. People have REAL jobs and lives..It takes longer to get things but you get them. IF you want them faster then make them. A lot of projects take years, six months to just get started and get poeple aboard. Hell the more detail the longer it takes to get a good replica.
so chill if you need to talk to him try calling him..the phone is the best way to communicate with people still. Emails don't always get to there box and some people can only get to them once a week or less a month.
Well, he wanted payment from within 5 days of the auction ending, and I got it there. Now he needs to live up to his end of the bargain.
give him a bit as I know it took some time for me to get mine after sending payment. However, when I did get mine I can say it was well worth the wait that's for sure.
Good things come to he who waits, and man are his boots good. Just be glad you were still able to get a pair of them. The chances of him doing another run of them anytime soon is looking pretty bleak. Mark's job occasionally has him on the road, so he may be out of town. Just be glad you aren't doing a Jango costume. Nobody is having any luck finding those boots anywhere at any price.
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