manikin out of PVC??

mannequin out of PVC??

i hear this is do-able and looks pretty good if done right. i can;t find templates and have really no clue were to start. its a X-mas present for my friend with a few costumes he wants to display..... and then if its good i maken one for myslef and my custome Mando (ok i been a little buissy, after December i should have all armor mounted)

help... i have acess to sheets of pvc (sintra), i have dremel and table saw.... bla bla bla i can build is what me tryin to say. so if its complex i can probably make it.

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I'm curious about making a mannequin for myself. I've seen some tutorials about building a framework out of PVC pipe, and then padding it with foam or bubble wrap.
The only problem I've seen with them is it would be hard to make the joints poseable. I mean, you can pretty much cut the pipe to any shape you want, but the ones I've seen haven't looked like they're in a really "realistic" pose.
I'd like to hear more if anyone's done one of these.


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I've done it and it's a major pain in the kiester, especially if you want it posable because then you'd better make sure your measurements are exact at the joints.