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Hi I was just you do...and came up with these.....if anyone would like to use them go a fett so really have no use for them, if you want anything in particular I could try and draw something..i enjoy drawing...check out my gallery if you wanna see if there is anything else you like


mando 1.JPG

mando 2.JPG

mando 3.JPG

mando 4.JPG

mando 5.JPG

mando 6.JPG
Nice work, I sure wish I could draw a whole lot better. I'll post the pic below. It's not much but it's the best I've come up with thus far. If anyone would like to try and improve upon it, kind of take over where my alleged artistic skill ends, please feel free to do so. My sort of inspiration was a Wookie bladed weapon, I believe called a Ryck blade(spelling?) and I added the spade shaped tail as I plan on making a chain weapon with a similar spade on the business end...I thought I had a better image but you can still see the image, it's just that it's a digital pic of a template I cut out instead...

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That look cool!! Almost like a styled dragon with forked tail....sometimes the best pictures come from something you wouldnt imagine...alot of mine arose from scribbles which to me looked like sometihng....I just added bits to it and they turn into things.
I call that first Ram looking skull!! 8) Those are awesome! I definatly wouldn't mine using that Ram skull on my shoulder armor.
i'm going republic symbol personaly. its the era my mando is in and he is a clone trainer

that and i mean mandos are just like the republic. They have codes and rules they live by and are good people but can be bought and sold...
Aren't these past and current military symbols, marking of rank or whatever? If so they'd be fitting on a Mandalorian, a professional soldier and/or mercenary...No? Where were you planning on wearing yours on your armor? Or is that going to be your Clan symbols?

I don't know about you guys, but I was thinking something more like this. ^^
This one was inspired by an anime series with a big robot escaflowne...had a cool symbol on its helmet/head...seen in my pic below...i was never a big fan of trasformers when I was little ponies was my thing ;) :lol:

mando 2.JPG

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