Mandalorian Warriors AKA Death Watch

We should just turn this into a full on research thread!! I think that the Mandalorian's shoulder's could be used for both left and right on this costume. The pouches are also the same as the one's on the Mando's (Dyn Djarin's) belt. It's worthy to note that they all seem to have different white markings denoting rank or something.
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the pouch isn´t the same to the used by Din: in this example we can see have a kind of strap running all around vertically

Hi guys, i am new to this cosplay stuff. Always wanted to do it, been away for a while and not able to until now. I am curious to know what the best material is to use on making a Mandalorian uniform? And possibly a site to go to, to purchase and or see for examples? I love all the research you guys have done in these threads! Looking to also build a Deathwatch Mandalorian uniform myself for my first build. Thanks guys!

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