Making your own cod piece



Okay, how should I go about making the cod piece? to be more specific, the curved piece that, um, is underneath and, uh, supports everything.

Should I cut out the flat front part and cut out another part, curve it and glue/putty/sand it to make it looke like one piece? Should I cut out just one piece and curve that part under by boiling the sintra?

I guess my main question (for people who made their own cod piece) is how'd you do it?


I started with A piece of sinatra,Heat it up and bend it to
desired possision.I then used bond to shape the teardrop looking thing.(I hope you now what I mean)Then I let it dry.
Took A dremmel to smooth things out.Pretty simple I thought.
Trial and error,Good luck
I made mine with one piece of sintra for the front and back with the two ends meeting on my left side. It closes very snug and tight with some velcro. I heated the sintra on the stove to get it to curve around my hips, and to get the front to curve under my crotch(there's just no other way to say it)The teardrop shape was cut out of another piece of sintra, glued on with a few scrap pieces of sintra as spacers to give the teardrop some depth. Then I filled in all the gaps with Bondo. It looks good, but is a little heavy due to the Bondo. My next one will have to be fiberglass.
I went with fiberglass, The clay sculpt was BIG, the mold was BIG..... It wasn't that difficult to make....just took a lot of stuff to do it.
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