low temperature metal casting


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anyone know anything about how to go about this? i've got a few things i would like to mold and cast in metal.

Use silicon molds and a bit of talc (I think) for release. Make sure your mold is stable enough to hold the weight of the metal. Don't burn yourself. There should be some on-line sources for more details. It's a start at least
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Depending on the metal and the size of the piece, you have different choices.

As we know, different metals melt at different temperatures. Lead alloys and tin have fairly low temps, and can be cast in silicone molds (such as RTV). Most of your hobbyist metal soldier figures are done this way now. Steel or brass would destroy the RTV mold and cause problems.

As long as the piece isn't too large and the heat will dissipate quickly enough, you should be able to cast nicely detailed tin alloy parts using RTV silicone molds.
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