Looking for pradas

I'm sure you could make them work, but they don't look quite right to me. The sole is differently shaped.

DCB has pics of the boots in the "Costume Tips" section of his Zam site. The name on the box of mine is "Calzature Donna" (Actually, I think they're pretty darn ugly ;) )
When I found mine, there were probably 8 more pairs in stock at Neiman Marcus in Denver, CO. I haven't been there since and that was about 6 months ago so I'm not sure if they still have them....I could check next time I head that way. I paid $250.00 for mine :facepalm
Could these work?
Those look pretty darn close to me... :D

I think the only difference with those and the ones I have is the stretchy fabric instead of a zipper on the inside. And since that part will be covered by the shin guards in any case - they should be perfect. :)

Congrats on the find! :D
I wouldn't do that!!.
I wasn't thinking clearly when I asked ;)
I already have our pradas. Don't need another pair :p

Good luck.
I think we'll all be jealous if you get them for anything under $200! ;)

Let us know if you get them! I'm curious too! Good luck!
Are you kidding!?!?!? You got those at bargain-basement prices! Most of us paid over $200 for ours!!!! Add some paint, a little leather and oila! Zam Boots good enough to pass for the real things! :D
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