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Well I opened my Rubies Jango for Christmas, I couldn't wait to get started on it! So I opened my new dremel and I thought sanding off the copyright information would be a good start ( mistake one ). So I took the dremel and put on an attachment that I thought was a sander, I didn't bother to read the manual ( mistake 2 ). So then I go to " sand " the information, and I realize a second after I put the "sander" to my helmet that it really was the cutting disk ( DOH!, Mistake 3, Big mistake ). SO then I put on the real sander and did the rest of the information. I tried to make it look smooth but it has the Jagged look. Thank GOD I didn't cut through the helemt! SO those anyone know how to make the place where I butchered/sanded look smooth? I will post pics so you can get an idea. Help would be much appreciated
Ack! Goin through the helmet would have been a mess. To fix it, use Bondo. Smooth some over, let dry, sand it down, and repeat until everything is nice and smooth. Good luck!
Bondo is your friend. Hopefully you were planning on repainting it. If not, you are now. Sand off most (if not all) of the paint in that area, add the Bondo, sand, smooth, and repaint. If you've never worked with Bondo before, use the TDH search engine. You'll find several topics on it. Good luck.
Thanks guys! I knew I shouldve bought some on christmas eve, saw it at Wall mart for a dollar something. Bobafettish I am going to repaint it, and while Im here, might as well as ask this other question.

Im doing my helmet in a black ( dome and lower checks), Silver ( Tvisor and ear peice ), and Charcoal Grey ( upper cheeks) color scheme. What is the best methods for applying the black and grey areas? Would it be best after I have done a couple of coats of primer, spray the hole thing silver, then hand paint on the black and grey areas?
I think you may be disappointed w/ the results of your helmet if you try handpainting such large areas. I know there are some guys that have done excellent helms w/ handpainting, but it seems to be easier, (at least for me) to use spray. Proceed like you had planned w/ a couple coats of primer, then sand. Then Spray your base silver. After thats dry you may want to hit it w/ some clear coat. After thats completely dry, just mask off anything you don't want to be black, & then spray on your black. Same thing w/ grey. hope that helps. Bummer about your dremmel accident. If it makes you feel better, I had a similar accident w/ my DP 96!
:) Man, those cutting discs are your best friend and worst enemy! I can't tell you how many boughts with the cd has ended with much crusing and throwing crap around the garage...

Don't foget bondo glazing putty for really fine work but don't use it in large areas!

Fett4u wrote:

I think I read about some Liquid mask somewhere else, what big chain is it sold at?

Forget liquid mask, use vaseline. I used liquid mask the first time and didnt like it as much as I like the effect vaseline gives. Wipes right off and I used it to mask off areas as well. Definately a better look and didnt seem to be the hassle liquid mask was.
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