A little help.


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A little help. plz read!

Any one know what i need the bonda for? and how i can make the cheek part of the boba fett helmet sink in likethat?.Help would be very apreicated!

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no hes askin what the bondo is for, the cheeks arent relly "sunk in" in most cases, layers of plastic are glued to the normally round helmet, makin it look sunk in, as for the bondo, well if you do that part then you have uneven edges for the cheecks, picture them like Steps... you layer them and its not smooth, the bondo is to fill in that, then sand down so the cheeks become smooth and flow and makes it look like one big piece.
that was a bit confusing.. so ill try to clearify... bondo fills in gaps that are there.. and you can sand bondo to make it smooth and match the areas... take a circle and a square and imagine them side by side.. if you wanted to make them into a rectangle, youd have to fill in the "gaps" from the circle and then smooth it with the square so that you have the rectangle.. here is a picture.

bondo help.JPG
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