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wile i was at the craft store searching for liquid mask (i never found any) i came across a very simmilar product called Liquid Frisket. it is liquid latex and peels very easy. i havent used in on my armor yet but i dont see it taking off any extra paint so far. it might be a option instead of liquid mask. ive heard liquid mast tends to take more paint that intended
I bought something called "Susan Scheewe Blue Masking Fluid." The only listed ingrediant is natural rubber latex. It goes on super easy. I have not yet pulled any off yet since my armor is still wet. I will let you know how it does.
I pulled my masking fluid off late last night and I have to tell you, that stuff works like a charm! The key is to use a rubber cement eraser as Spideyfett has advised. What I did was just barely scratch the paint over the latex, then used the eraser. The latex sticks to the eraser like a magnet! You can also control the removal much better. Of all of the paint I removed, I only had one flake come off by surprise.



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Looks great!
I think most liquid masking products are pretty much the same.
Some just have a tint added to see where you've applied it. The Winsor/Newton is totally clear when it's dry, and if you've masked small areas, sometimes it's harder to see where it was.
What did you use for the armor base color?
I'm just wondering if a joke/mask halloween Latex might be cheaper. You know how they up the price by relabelling it special for crafts etc.

Lynn TXP 0369 said:
All liquid mask is is liquid latex.

Yes, like the mustard method, but you don't wanna put this stuff on hot dogs. :D
It's just a small bottle of liquid latex that you can brush onto a surface as a mask.
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