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I've been TRYING so hard to make some progress on my sargent fang helmet. I've tried using evan4218's method of liquid masking around the area to be painted but the liquid masking I have sucks. My question is what kind is everyone else using. I have two different kinds. One is an extremely thin liquid latex that works ok but is hard to work with. The other is microscale liquid masking that doesnt really ever dry, and if it does, it doesn't come off, atleast not for me anyways. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks- Pat
I've been using Windsor and Newton Art Masking Fluid, this stuff is perfect for the task, however, some people seem to use mustard as an alternative....
I used mustard for my chest, back and cod piece. Works great if you ask me. If you leave it wet and glob it on good you can see exactly where it is and it wipes off fairly easily.
Humbrol Maskol is the best I have tried, its available at most hobby shops over here in the UK, if you still have trouble finding one that you can get along with I'll be happy to send you a bottle (y)
I got a hold of some of the Windsor and Newton stuff. It works OK but its a paint when it it starts to dry in one spot and you go to continue your line and end up pulling a bunch of the stuff you just laid down. Thanks for your help guys.
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