Lineage fett shoulders. RUN NOW LIVE


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Since the number of interested people is going up (and therefore the price is coming down), might as well at a set of ROTJ on there for me to go with the ESB ones I have already requested!


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Since I have a couple interested in super trooper versions ill throw those into the mix as well.
Offering Supertrooper, esb and rotj!
The production shoulders should be shipping to me this month!


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Any new update on these?
Shipping to me Jan 8th :)
I have my mold master standing by to mold and create vacuum forming bucks.

UPDATE: Since the release of my FP molds, I can now say that the ESB shoulder variant will be utilizing the esb FettPride damage for those who were wondering.

For anyone interested in one of my armor kits, my LINEAGE shoulders will be included for a nominal fee.
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They have arrived.
I took some quick pictures but if anyone would like some specific pictures please feel free to let me know.
The Mythosaur skull is faintly present, I can see the outline of the eyes/teeth/horns in different lighting but my camera couldn't capture it. The sizing compared to a FP Hero shoulder is similar, with the FP being a slightly bit larger.

They're now currently in a display case. The molding process will begin shortly.



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Amazing, replicas have always been symmetrical and mirror images. Theses pictures imo show there not and a completely different shapes and sizes.
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