Lighter green scratches?


Sr Hunter
Hi all,
To pass the time waiting for my B-M armor to arrive, I've been studying the reference pics from the TDH image archive.
Does anyone have any input regarding the color of the lighter green scratches on the chest/ab plates?
I have my silver/yellow chromate/US medium green all ready to go, but I don't know if there's a "canon" color for those lighter green areas.

I'm talking about the color near the top edge of the chest plate in this pic.

ESB Chest lt grn.jpg
yep theres lots of lighter green on the ROTJ armor. Theres also alot on the ESB helmet. especialy on the cheaks. hard to se though. you can see it easily if you invert the picture color.
I am with JFJ in thinking that it is a color that is located under the top layer but I believe that it is just where the color washes have scratched off or didnt take to the paint for what ever reason.
Here is a pic comparing the exact same set of armor the only difference is that the pic on right has the black wash applied the one of the left doesnt.

I have also used the Panzer Olive green with good results, but put it on before the black wash.

Nice comparison shot! That black wash really makes a difference.

Thanks for the responses, but I'm trying to find out what color I should use since I'll be doing topical weathering.
Has anyone done this lighter shade topically?
I also agree with the weathering theory. I applied my ink wash with a sponge, dabbing it on with layers. Just dab around the areas that you want to stay light, or use a mask. Works like a charm
Jango_Fett_Jr said:
Since it's the colour that the armour was painted beforehand, it's likely either a preproduction or ESB paint colour.

Absolutely. I think I would try a test of the Panzer Olive Grun next to the Med Green and see what you think. Although its not proven that the ESB armor was Panzer Olive so as to match the helmet, (like then it would make sense!) I think that would be your best bet although we'll see what the pros of color say.
for my armor, i first painted it with a base coat of the same color i did my helmet, then masked off the areas i wanted the scratches of lighter green to show through on. i then lightly sprayed the darker green and black washed it, and rubbed off the latex:


i'm pretty happy with the result, so i think that the helmet color works well for those scratches.
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