Lettin the mustard fly !!!


Well here goes nothin ............my first crack at painting armor .I started with just the shoulders & knees . I started with a Krylon premium chrome , then used Parma liquid mask . Then after a few days on went the Krylon almond .... waited overnight and then peeled off the mask using a thumb nail .Although the mask did seem to affect the chrome a little it's not to bad. It gave it a kind off weathered metal look .For the next step I decided to skip the Parma and give the old MUSTARD that I have been hearing about so much on the TDH , a try . I guees I'll wait a day or 2 for the mustard to dry or thicken and then on goes the Krylon Catterpiller Yellow . Do you guys think I should throw in a little misting with the pumpkin orange ? O K hit me with your opinions guys ...... that's why were here .







Geez lol. Why so much on the knee pads? Yes mist it with orange I think it looks better, but barely.
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Well I figure I want allot of damage on them ( not going for the screen accuracy ) and I will do more than 1 coat of the catterpiller so if I see too much cream/almond I will keep the mask smaller to cover some more of the almond ...besides i LOVE mustard . It was wierd masking and licking the fingers at the same time mmmmmmmmmmm . Anyone got a hot dog ?

O K guys ........ dont know about this . I tried the mustard thing . Man it was much harder to remove than the liquid mask .As a result the scraping was tough ( my fingernails are killing me !!!).In some spots the scraping took off more of the second coat and exposed even more silver .I'm not finished removing it yet so i want some opinions . I think I would have to touch up the silver as it took a beating while scraping off the mustard . The almond (2nd coat ) went a little yellow from the mustard however I have seen others like that . Should I press on ? I know it stills needs misting with flat black or rust to give it the old weathered look . And I will cover with a a little light sanding & clear matte finish to take off the shine . The question here is it good enough to go on or do I sand and start over again ?


Copy of LF bell.JPG

Copy of RT bell.JPG

Copy of LF bell edge.JPG

Copy of RT bell edge.JPG
Well with all the great help from you guys .... I'm a learnin !!! Slowly ...very slowly . Some day I may even try one of them thar air brushes .... but that's a little ways off . Thanks guys . So you think I should press on ?

I was thinking i might tone down the speckles a bit . I may have done a little too much misting with the black & rust . I will tone down the shine a bit with very fine steel wool and add a clear flat matte finish and maybe dust a little with the catapillar yellow to take out a wee bit of orange . The flash however does bring out the orange more than the eye .

I figured it was something like that. I'd say you have a pretty darn good plan though. Keep working, I'm sort of using this for tops for my own armor. Working on my EE-3 right now, I just happened to have almost everything I needed for a scratch build at my place already. I'm got some armor cut and base coated too. Just sort of hanging around getting tips from this place in the meantime.
Bells complete!!!! I must say to those who would use mustard .... dam that aint easy . I did the first coat of almond and used liquid mask to cover the silver. It worked just fine . I decided to try the mustard for the next stage .Although it was easy to apply and fun to work with ( just eat what gets on your hands ) I must say this . After applying the yellow and orange coats came the removing of the mustard mask . I scraped .... and I scraped ... and I scraped until my fingernails were raw and bleeding .I had to scrape so much that even some of the paint I didnt want to come off .... did ! I also notice 2 disturbing things . First the mustard stained and changed the color of the cream/almond paint to a yellow and second I had to scrape so much ( cause the mustard didn't want to let go ) that the silver was now a flat scratched mess that didnt look so good . So I'ts back to the drawning board for the knees ( I managed to salvage the shoulder bells ) and this time it's all LIQUID MASK .


LF bell final 4.JPG

RT bell final 2.JPG

bells final 2.JPG

Knees silver.JPG
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