Lets start with Pepakura


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So having reviewed a lot of posts and few other forums... I think until I take the plunge and buy a molded replica helmet, I will try and build a couple of pepakura designs with my boys. Once we have had a few and play with them we shall move onto more movie accurate and any skills we pick up (i.e. painting, crafting etc..)

Anyways on investigation I have been told Fierfek is pretty much closest to the original using a pepakura designer file, I did drop the guy a PM on facebook but sadly no answer.

Speaking to a friend he said I could add tabs if I have the general templates, but atm I think this is beyond my knowledge.

I have found a thread on here from Skupilkinson, anyone know if these are a more accurate design (dont need to be perfect for the first build, but would help)... also would anyone have the Fierfek download?

Thanks in advance..


You can get immensely accurate builds with pep models, it's just really a limit of how good the base model is and how much time you commit to it; of all the build methods it has by far the most sanding involved. For which model, if you could post the pics of them here we could probably give some advice, but if Fierfek or Skupilkinson are the only ones you've been able to find though, then you'll probably have to go with Skupilkinson unless you're willing to pay for Fierfek's.

As for tabs or no tabs, it's an option you can toggle in the software iirc, having them be numbered helps a lot too for organization. Also, lightly score all your tabs with an exacto knife and fold them before assembly, makes things much much tighter and easier to work with. Also get ready for a good binge of The Clone Wars or something, pep assembly can take a lot of time.


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haha.. thanks for the advice, my Bro-in-law makes a few helmets but he mainly does Halo etc... so will be asking his advice... I will post updates as it goes.. I have tried contacting Fiefek to buy his plans but no joy :(
I have also got the entire Clone Wars and Rebels seasons to watch ready for this project... haha