lets see your Zam Wesell costume!!!


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hey, i would love to get some reference pics of Zam, and i would also love to see your own Zam costumes!!!!
Well, this is in another thread, but I will post anyway ;)
very nice!!!! do ya have any ref pics? if you do, i would love to see them. do ya know of any links? if ya don't mind me asking, how much did it cost for all of it? i would like to start one...i would love my girlfriend to wear it, while i am jango. :)

thksdad wrote:

...i would love my girlfriend to wear it, while i am jango. :)

The question is... would your girlfriend love to wear it? If so, you're in good shape.
I think my girlfriend would rather wear a paper bag over her head while I'm Jango! :lol:
yea, i think she would wear it...and if not, i will just put it on a mannequin next to my jango...it's a win win situation.
I wish more of us could show you some pics of our costumes but most of us are in the same boat. It's been a long process of researching and slowly building the parts. We kinda all pulled together to help zamIam get hers done for DragonCon last year. ;) I was getting closer to completion but have run into a little snag....so probably will be a couple more months :(

Good luck with the building! There is a lot of reference and information here. Definitely get one of DCB's reference CD's!!!
thats true. its been almost a year for my costume to be a reality, and im not done yet!. i hope to be done before this halloween. good luck and have lots of patience!
how much should i donate for the CD? it sounds pretty good comming from you guys. hey, do you guys have any links for any costume parts?
thanks, Michael
Hey Zam: :zam

Did I read someplace else that you will NOT be at Dragoncon this year?

If so, I am disappointed. I would have liked a chance to photograph you and your costume.

Yeh, unfortuneately you read right. I am SO sorry all. I am going on a cruise that very same weekend and I haven't had a real vacay in like two 1/2 years, so the next major SW related thing I will be attending will probably be CIII, unless there is something big here that God puts in place that prevents me. Trying to help some other's Zams get done for Dragon Con this year since they helped me with mine. And, I want to make some upgrades to mine, so that at CIII, it will look even more accurate :D
Well ZIA... you HAD better be at CIII! :D Otherwise we'd have to arrange for your kidnapping and such... (very expensive) which of course would cut into the Zam budget! ;)

Yep... gotta get my finished Zam parts pictures posted! Really! I have finished a few parts! :D
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