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so i was goign through thinking i've always had this cool idea for some custom armor... unfortunantly i'm not atristicly gifted so i can't draw up my idea so i'll describe it instead... think about a primitive looking hunter mando... modified bucket with a roman style plumage at the top maybe use horsehair or feathers for that... and exagerated left shoulder to cover more for the left gaunt i'd replace the gadgets with a smallish shield, and the right gaunt would have a spring loaded bayonette on the ulnar side... perhaps put steel or animal claws on my knuckles. i'd be completely doing away with the groin plate and make up a kilt and incorporate some armor or chainmail into the panels and pleats.. from there id make up some simple looking knees and shinguards... my back would be deacked out with a bearskin mantle and a ratty red cape... any thoughts on this?
Certainly sounds interesting. I'm assuming you've seen Ordo Te'skotah's thread? (If not; http://www.thedentedhelmet.com/showthread.php?t=19382).

One thing though, the concept sounds more legionary than it does "primitive hunter", but that's not a bad thing. There are quite a few ancient helmets that already look quite Fettish (... take that as it was intended not as it sounds) so it might be easier making one of those look more SW than HEAVILY modifying a Boba bucket. It's up to you of course but that's how I'd do it, make old stuff look more mandalorian rather than downgrading existing Boba/Jango armour... if that makes any sense.

Good luck.
i wasnt planning on modifying anythign thats been made already... i plan on making it from scratch from a light gauge aluminum
still trying to figure out how to actually pull this off... but i think i may be able to machine the metal parts for almost free... cleaned out the garage and found what has to be close to a ton of assorted scrap steel, aluminum, copper, and brass... i think the copper and brass might be able to give it an antiquated look... if i have any sheet metal left over i might make some parts available
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