Left Gauntlet Rocket - Plumb Bob Questions


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Does anyone have any idea about the model/part number of the plumb bob on Boba's left gauntlet? It's the brass, pointy thing on front of the silver/black tube that makes up the 'rocket.'

EBay had almost 100 vintage plumb bobs in the listing, but nothing that matched exactly.

Any clues?


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I'm working on pics that uses the brass cone from a candle snuffer. I sent a pic to LiloldBountyHunter and I had some glitch trying to get it posted here. I think I have to resize the pic. It's much lighter that a brass plumb bob and when you cut the rod off the snuffer part, it has a small hole so you can insert a tip that goes on the very end of it.


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batninja wrote:

EBay had almost 100 vintage plumb bobs in the listing, but nothing that matched exactly.
If you see anything that looks remotely close, please post the picture(s). We are pretty sure that it is a "found part" and was not made from scratch.

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I'm also using a candle snuffer, but it's a bit too long. My search continues.

I always thought (& read somewhere) that the conical part was "kit bashed" from a really large scale Harrier Jump Jet GR1 plastic model kit.

If you see any pics of these old planes (the GR1 dates back to the late 60's early 70's) look under the wings and you'll see a conical multi-missile launcher that is the spitting image of the part we're on about.

Can't find a picture of one, but if I do I'll post a link.



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Nobody really knows the answer to that but if you find it post it you will be a hero for sure. Meanwhile the search continues.


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Dude, that's exactly what it looks like and I've always thought that. Thing is... it would have to be a HUGE model! Possible but expensive!
Hey...I do land surveying part time on saturdays, and use plumb bob's all the time. They're really not that expensive. If you need any info on them, just ask.