Left Gauntlet Photo Feedback Please

trooper rushmore

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OK...here are a couple of quick shots of my left Gauntlet with the light 'on'. I still need to color match the dental expander but other than that let me get some feed back please :)

P.S. Special thanks to TK409 for his website reference pics! ;)





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very nice,

I would suggest airbrushing some flat black around the flamethrower to make it look sooty.
Don't know if that's screen accurate or not, but it looks better to me
her's mine



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very nice!

I'd suggest blackwashing the entire thing, not to enthusiastic but very subtle, will get it that "bit more used to fry people" look, and a little more extensive around the flamethrower like slave1pilot said.

but... looks awesome 2 me as it is, so wouldnt look worse or better if you skipped the black wash i guess, as long as ur T-visor and other gaunt come out in the same colour. right?? i mean... it is the same colour of red on the rotj suit?? im an esb-er so...

trooper rushmore

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Thanks for the feedback...I have been scrutinizing the MOM exhibit and not sure if I will 'weather' them further..I am also still deciding if I want to drill the two un-used holes that are in the MOM exhibit to make it accurate... ;)