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I was wondering if anyone had a leather dyeing tutorial. I dyed a piece yesterday and although it looks alright, it has a few streaks in it.
I took my first stab at dyeing leather the other night. I tested my technique on a scrap piece and it came out nice. The dye seemed to work best when the piece was a little damp. Fill a spray bottle with water, and mist the leather until it is damp to the touch. Wipe off any exceess water with a rag, then apply the leather dye. Wipe down the leather with a dry rag, and check your color. Add another application of dye as needed. Once the piece dries, it will be a little lighter than the color when wet, so adjust the amount of dye accordingly.

Hope this helps.
Pavespawn said:
Did you use any deglazer on it?
No. When I picked up the leather at the Tandy store, the sales guy did not mention deglazer, and I did not know to ask. He did give me the water tip and a few other tips on creasing, and cutting, so I guess he knows about how to work and dye leather. But he did not say anything about deglazer.

BTW, what is deglazer? :lol:
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