Boba Fett Ammo Belt - Inquiry


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Has anyone made a leather version of his belt?

I did the vinyl version which was posted here or on another forum and it worked great. Though a year later the vinyl is rejecting the hot glue and the sticky back Velcro is useless so my pouches are falling off all over the place. So i want to try my hand at a leather one but what would a pattern be like for the pouches for leather and stitching vs vinyl and glue?

Thanks guys! :)



There’s two vendors that I know of that make the belts In leather you may could contact for advice but they do sell them so I’m not sure they would give up any patterns. That’s delta and woodman.


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Thanks I appreciate the lead and help :)
I am learning leather but dont want to post my works since theres others who do it and sell on here.
Though mine are very different. They are themed bags and pouches but not for cosplay 501. more just fun stuff to have for casual costuming.
If you want to see what i make -> The Art Of Vincent Chiantelli