Lathed Rocket


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After many requests, especially from guys in the UK I have started to sculpt a jet pack. I will be posting my progress here and hopefully get some positive feedback and a few good tips.

I thought the best way to start was with the rocket and the best way to build the rocket was with a lathe. I also intend to make the top and bottom of the side cannisters and thrusters using the lathe. Here are the pictures so far.

Jet Pack_01.jpg

Jet Pack_02.jpg

Jet Pack_03.jpg
Wow! looks beautiful Daz. I'm very glad to see you're taking on the jet pack since none of them are completely accurate. I'm sure yours will likely be the best to date.(no pressure or anything:lol: ) I can't wait to see more pics.
I struggle to find time to check out posts here sometimes, you can watch my jet pack progress on my website, I'm showing it construction step by step.
That's incredible work. You know what this means don't you now I have to get moving and start working on mine. Keep the pictures coming.

Thank you for the inspiration!!

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