ESB Boba Fett Left Gauntlet Rocket Color? Need help


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Help needed:
My GML is telling me I need to paint my Left Gauntlet rocket gold. It is currently copper.
1. There is no color listed for the rocket in the CRL: Costuming:BH Boba Fett-ESB - Databank and the one depicted looks metal with a brass head.
2. I'm fairly certain the best movie pics depict it as copper hued, copper toned, copper.

I need advice on this one. I've contacted the maker of my gauntlets who's a well respected prop builder and expert on BF. He has great arguments and photographic evidence which I believe 100%. The issue is how will the GMLs treat my contestation of their requests. First time I've ever had a costume kick back.
Thanks in advance.
ps. 1st pic is my gauntlet the 2nd is from an ESB Promo photo and the 3rd is from the movie


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If it's a well-known maker, you're fine. After looking at the crl, I think he's look at the pic, which its rocket head looks more gold than copper.

I would simply counter it with the SCREEN used references
Tell him a professional machinist/designer and Fett enthusiast who helped on the Elstree laser project told you that its a bright/fresh machined copper finish on the real ones; and that if he doesn’t like that answer, to go take a metallurgy class or two in order to educate himself or he can go EAD lol
Grumpy GML is just flat wrong and your laser is perfectly fine dude
For my day job, I'm a Telecom Sales Engineer and an EAD in my field is an Ethernet Access Device. Took me a sec to realize what your acronym meant.

Article on Ciena EAD's.jpg

But I'm 99.9% sure that's NOT what you meant (was an Ethernet Access Device). Hahaha!

....and yeah, rocket seems fine to me too.

Mine was gold once. I think copper looks better an is accurate.I also worked some black paint into the holes.
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