KOTOR Mando helmet

Okay this weekend im hoping to start on my KOTOR mandalorian helmet made from scratch. Getting an imperial guard helmet would cost alot and would need alot of modifying so here is my idea.

Im going to get a skate boarder helmet, the round kind that fits tight to your head and isn't huge. Im then going to get some cardboard or place mat type material and make that the face plate and duck tape it to the Helmet. That leaves the sides and back of my head and neck exposed. To do that im going to see if i can get some real nice thick leather, like the kind use in Body builder belts and duck tape that all around to give flexability. Then i'll porbably get some autobody filler to make everything more smooth, and once that dries begin coating it with fiber glass to make it all one piece.

Do you think this would work? Note know that i will have to dye the leather the color i want first.

Unless you are really looking forward to making your own helmet from scratch, I'd say that you are probably over-simplifying the process for the result you will want.

Also, to create a really nice helmet from scratch, you will likely end up spending MUCH more money than you think you will.

The whole skateboard/cardboard/duct tape thing has me worried. The idea of beginning with a skateboard helmet could be bad, unless someone else has experience with this? The proportions are almost guaranteed to be way off.

Do you have any sculpting experience? Someone else who does could probably chime in about now and help you out.

In no way am I trying to discourage you. You can do whatever you set out to. Just take it from me that it's not so simple.

Good luck.
I really don't have much to worry about because my cousin thats working with me is trained in Fiberglassing and molding because he works on cars and what not. Although we didn't get a chance to work on it this weekend.
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