Knee + Shoulder yellow colors

Mr Fett

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I know Rogue Studios said he thinks the AOSW ROTJ Boba knees and shoulders are the Reefer Yellow, misted over with UP Armor Yellow, but my question is do you guys think the ROTJ and ESB knees and shoulders are both the same Reefer Yellow base, or something different?

(Yeah I know the ESB right shoulder is darker than the left, but I'm referring to the ESB left shoulder and knees then. :p ) Also, for the PP2 suit (predatormv can maybe answer this one) that also a Reefer Yellow base, or something different all together?

I think there's gotta be some kind of orange misting in spots on the ROTJ knees and shoulders, but Lee swears its just the Reefer Yellow gets darker if you lay it on thick.


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I still haven't been able to get different shades of the reefer yellow:confused
so, I mist some orange on my stuff
I feel that it looks better than just the plain ol' yellow
Gives it a little more depth.

knee darts.jpg

Mr Fett

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Cool. Those knees look good. Are you (Spideyfett and slave1pilot) using the Reefer Yellow as the main "Yellow" or are you going lighter with the US Armor Yellow?

....and of course....think there's a base color difference between the ESB and ROTJ "yellows" or are they the same?


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It's Reefer Yellow on mine (ROTJ) misted with "Colorplace" Orange rattle-can
I did a thread for the progress but it's long gone & so are the pics.
I showed the progress & posted what paints & such i was using.


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I believe I used Rustoleum "Caterpillar Yellow" for mine...





I'm not aiming for absolute end all, be all Canon, but what the H, for trashcan armor, it'll look close enough for my liking...