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Hi guys,

I recently picked up some painted Bobamaker knee armour from Daz, but they seem to be spread a bit wider apart than I would have expected:


Anyone have any experience with these pieces? I've started attaching elastic to see if that will hold them together. Or should I be grabbing the hair dryer and getting them to bend in more?

Appreciate any assistance!
I know that vac-formed knees are made like that to avoid the harsh undercuts and still be able to pull in one piece. Those kind of knees are to be bent back in place gently with a heatgun. I was under the impression that Daz's stuff was all fiberglass? I don't know how much success you'll have trying to bend that without snapping it.
I know that vac-formed knees are made like that to avoid the harsh undercuts and still be able to pull in one piece.

I'm gonna have to disagree with you on that one. I can pull my knees straight and get that harsh undercut and still get them out of the mold no problem, been doing it for about a year now. I don't know why BM's pulling them like that...probably easier to get them off the mold would be my guess (if they are in fact plastic, I know that he's just started producing his new stuff in plastic...I've seen his FG one's and they're flared straight back if memory serves me correctly).
Here's mine -



But yes Tin, you should be able to hit them with a heat gun and get them to bend back some more...although I don't understand why that wasn't done BEFORE they were painted. I've never done that with a painted piece before. I would be extremely careful doing it that way if I was you. You could possibly ruin the paint, just a heads up. Good luck with it either way mate! (y)
It might be possible to be the same reason that you see on fettpride's knees too (at least on the v3?); they both did the knee opening a bit wider to fit most of the knee types without cracking it in the weakest parts. It's an adjustable 'feature' of the knee.
Hm. My first impression, Tin, is that those knees are 'rigid' and not flexible if you are saying that the elastic won't pull them together around your knee. Like fiberglass maybe? Hence the hair dryer thought you had?

With regard to my own knees, the V.3 are spread a 'little' wider for my process (vacuum formed). However, as RKD could attest, that medium is a very flexible material and the standard elastic bands would finish the form around a human knee with no problem.

If they are rigid fiberglass, you can still heat the with a hair dryer or heat gun. But VERY slowly and from the back. Or you WILL bubble the paint job and weaken the fiberglass if you burn the glass. You can also try an oven at 100 degrees sustained for about an hour. The paint should still hold up well to the touch enough to pull them inward and run under cold water to 'set' the shape.

Do you have anymore shots of these? Straight on and from the back? I hope that helps.
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They do have some flex, so if I tighten the elastic they should come in more. I did try putting the hair dryer on the thinner parts of the arms, but no luck there.

Will play around with the elastic, and then take some more pictures for you all!

Edit: Took some quick pictures with my phone after work.



When stretching the elastic and holding it with my fingers it seems to bring the sides in quite a bit. I'll have to attach the snap to be sure, but it looks like things will be ok after all :)
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