Keep that rangefinder in place


What is the best way to keep the range finder ( mine fell forwards & snapped first time I tried it on :angry ) in 1 spot but still be able to lower it by hand ? I repaired my resin one but somehow doubt it will stay glued . I have since purchased and now have a aluminum stalk .

You could drill a countersink hole for a bolt & screw it from the inside of the helmet. I did this & it works great. I can loosen the screw if I want to be able to tilt the RF forward for transportation but I leave it locked in the upright position otherwise.
Also,a spring washer in there(a bolt/nut) helps to keep the tension even,get it to stay firm,but moveable.
Then paint(enamel) ovet the nut,so it won't move.
Works for me very well,stays in any position.
Oh yea,some lube like silicone grease keeps a smooth action,I broke my resin stalk when I didn't use grease.It must have "snagged", as it snapped right near the bolthole.
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I put a thin layer of hot glue on the helmet, let it dry then moved the rangefinder, it adds a little more friction and makes the RF harder to move.
on my 1st bucket I used an aluminum stalk and only allowed enough space between helmet and ear piece to keep tension on the stalk. At some point if used enough I'll need to adjust but I don't use this much. :)
I now have an aluminum stalk and acquired a hollow range finder . The resin is a bit heavy on the old one that broke . I have a new MS2 bucket on the way so I dont want to drill out the new stalk until I see the size of the dowel or pin on the ear piece so I can make it snug . But I would like the option of being able to lower it and then return it while not worrying that it will come crashing down .

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