Kedg195's WIP (Partly) Homemade ESB Fett costume


New Hunter
Greetings fellow Hunters,

Newbie here!
I posted an intro thread and chimed in about some parts for sale on random Cargo Hold threads, so far, but I wanted to show the other Hunters my progress on my WIP ESB Fett.
I have been working on this costume for the past few months.
So far I have built from scratch my : gauntlets, girth belt, jetpack hooks, knee armor, Cape, EE-3 Blaster rifle, and I modified an old pair of Chelsea boots. (piping, paint, and toe spikes).
The helmet, vest, chest armor, shoulder armor, back armor, cod and kidney armor, Wookiee pelts, and the genuine leather belt with brown leather pouches were all bought privately as a package deal. I don't know the lineage of the parts in the package deal, as I bought them secondhand.
I also bought my belt with canvas pouches from XCoser, and my Jetpack from a 3D printing company online. I painted and weathered my Jetpack myself too. I am looking to upgrade the pair of light gray coveralls I have with a more accurate ESB flightsuit.
(According to many fellow Hunters on here, Arkady is the go-to for flightsuits, so I have sent them a message)

I have posted some pics of my costume as it is right now. Let me know how I'm doing!
Good luck on your builds everyone!! :):):)


99102727_10219587816060452_6587475436781961216_o (1).jpg