Kamino Saber Dart(Need pics!)


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Anyone got some good images of these to post up here? I'm in need of some good pics of one!

Also wondered if anyone ever got the ones from the guy on RPF actually as I never recieved mine! Win some ,lose some I guess even though it was kinda BS! Anyway, I am working on a project for us TDH'rs! More info soon!
let see some pics if ya got em!
thanks, shunned
I think that guy on the RPF is the one that burned me and many others on the TDH. Everybody was telling me that dude was long gone. I was buying a Kamino Saber Dart and I think I lost out. Just be careful of who you get stuff from.

hint: What I'm doing when I'm going to buy stuff from a new person is to ask from others that have been on the TDH boards a lot. Ask a moderator, they give good advise. :)
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Thanks for the tip ,but I am not looking to buy my friend! I am only in need of some pictures of one! I do understand what your saying though and maybe I worded my original post wrong or something!
I was burned the same as everyone here and have since been a very info. oriented buyer!Thanks again man and if you have any pics please feel free to post some! Any pic of a saber dart will do! I am working on a project concerning the saber dart for my costume!;)
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Over a 100 views and no one can direct me to a single picture?
Anyone?LOL..... (echos in the well!)

really, anyone w/ a pic please drop me one either here or pm! thanks, shunned
Shunned there is a picture of it on TK409.com page here is the link

there are some great images of it and a measurement.

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What kind of price are you asking for your Sabre darts? Although I'm not ready to purchase just yet, when I do I wanted to know how much I'm saving up for. ;)
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